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Packdesign ID is an award-winning, Finland-based design agency that specializes exclusively in innovative brand packaging and developing packaging concepts of the future. The company was founded in 2008 by Maija Olkkonen-Seppo and Emma Kosonen, and it holds considerable knowledge and know-how in the field of package design – cosmetics being a specialty – and over 20 years of experience.

Packdesign ID focuses on creating brand concepts that strengthen and differentiate the brand. We bring the consumer point of view to the design process to make packaging easier to spot, buy and use, creating added value that has the potential to translate into higher brand loyalty. To ensure our know-how is top-notch, we constantly keep ourself updated on the latest packaging and consumer trends.

To make sure the package lives up to its full potential throughout its lifespan, we work in close co-operation with different parties of the packaging chain: from materials innovation to in-store functionality and material recycling and disposal.

We also create package concepts of the future through custom package development, with special emphasis on usability and Scandinavian design tradition: form and function.

Lumene powder case was designed as a part of the great Lumene design renewal. Pouttu Onni package designOululainen Jälkiuunileipä