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Package design services

We execute your package design processes from start to finish.

We design

Packages from single products to complete product families.

Packages to all product categories from groceries and commodities to durable goods.

Effective and functional consumer and transport packages.

Distinctive and attractive consumer packages with increased in-store functionality: ready-to-use transportation packages, displays and marketing materials.

Our services

We carry out the package design from start to finish. We also supervise the production.

Graphic design

We create completely new brand concepts and also update (face-lift) existing brands. Our knowledge and expertise in the fields of graphic design and typography provide unique branding solutions for ultimate impact. Furthermore, our extensive knowledge on packaging materials and printing methods ensures that even the most creative ideas will be successfully realized.

Custom package design and package development

Our education and knowledge on industrial design enables us to design custom package solutions for a wide range of materials and packaging formats in close co-operation with industry specialists and manufacturers.

We continually monitor the development of new and innovative material solutions and implementation techniques while taking into account recent developments in production technology as well as sustainable development.

We create award-winning package concepts of the future through package development, with special emphasis on usability and Scandinavian design tradition: form and function.

3D modeling and printing

We provide our customers with modern 3D modelling and printing services. 3D printed materials can be used e.g. for market research and production testing purposes.

Artwork production

Our effective and highly professional artwork production process will ensure that the designed and desired end result is achieved in close co-operation with prepress and printing houses around the world. We also supervise the printing process on-site when necessary.

Consulting and education

We consult businesses and brand owners in choosing the most suitable packaging designs and developing packaging processes as a part of our design projects. We train and educate professionals in the industry in various public events and within companies.

Package supplier contacts

Our extensive international network provides our customers the possibility for more effective acquisitions and smart new packaging solutions. A cost-effective alternative to customised packaging design is to find existing options from the wide variety of standard solutions.

Packaging innovations and trends

We follow the latest packaging trends and literature worldwide, and our teams visit several major fairs and exhibitions annually to collect all the important and interesting bits and pieces to our customers.

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