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Package reDESIGN for Serto washing liquids 2009

Farmos Oy (NOW KiiltoClean Oy)

In the renewal Serto washing liquids received three newly designed bottles and new brand identity further enhanced by a shrink sleeve label.

"The sales of Farmos washing liquids have increased more rapidly than the overall growth in the industry: our sales have increased 24,5% from the beginning of the year. In the future all Farmos liquid washing detergents will be packaged in these new, domestically manufactured, sustainable packages.

There has been a lot of Finnish top level craftsmanship involved in the package redesign process from designing to manufacturing the packages. Environmental impact and production efficiency have been at the heart of the design process without forgetting retail stores and consumers. The shrink-sleeve label covering the entire bottle enables the generous use of colors, which is a notable improvement. The shrink-sleeve also enables us to add more information to the label, which helps the consumer with purchases. Retail stores are genuinely thrilled about this renewal.

The expertise of Packdesign ID has been crucial to us in this project and we have been very satisfied with the results."
Anna Hattula, Marketing Manager, Farmos Oy

"Shrink-sleeve labelling is coming fast to the industry. Here at Farmos we could see that using shrink-sleeve labelling offers us new kind of efficiency on multiple levels. As a result we are the first in Finland to acquire a heat shrinking line that allows us to utilise the kind of shrink-sleeve label that covers the whole package.

Designing of shrink sleeve labels requires precision, special expertise and know-how that you only get through experience. This project has taught us much about how shrink-sleeve labels have to be designed in order to get the maximum benefit from them throughout the production chain.

The importance of a partner that is familiar with the special requirements of designing shrink-sleeves and packages for them is most crucial for success."
Tapio Katajamäki, Production Manager, Farmos Oy

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