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Iconic LAPPONIA Premium liqueurs redesigned to reflect their Finnish design heritage

Lapponia liqueurs

Lapponia liqueurs

Packdesign ID redesigned LAPPONIA Premium liqueurs to reflect the brand's Finnish heritage and Scandinavian design while keeping its image international, consistent and modern. From the beautifully modernised logo to artfully crafted composition, the highly refined design draws its inspiration from the organic shapes of the true Finnish nature and its berries, which are as full of colour as they are crisp with flavour.

The advantages of the new design don't end with crystallised brand story: the usability of the packages has been greatly improved through graphic design and colouring. Each unique flavour can now be quickly recognised at a glance by its coloured neck beneficial to the consumer, crucial for a bartender mixing drinks. Yet there is no compromise between aesthetics and usability - carefully chosen materials and effects along with highly polished details add up to a simple, yet elegantly executed, premium look.

Read more on the redesign at (in Finnish)