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New Pouttu logo Genuinely tasty

Pouttu -logouudistus 2014

In 2012 Pouttu renewed its brand identity, emphasizing its original ostrobothnic roots. In the process the old logo was left untouched, as it worked as a familiar connection between the old and the new. Now the time has come to reveal a new logo for a new era.

The new design maintained the original shape of the logo that hints at the traditional ostrobothnic imagery. Round corners soften the design and bring warmth and cozyness to the overall look. This way the logo continues the story of the genuine origins and respect for ostrobothnian work while keeping the brand familiar and intimate.

The most visible change is the logotype. The new font with its strong and charismatic initial is original and distinctive. A more organic, edgier design shapes the image of quality and enhances the design with its polished details. Rich in nuances, the logo symbolises the great flavour and uncompromising spirit that connects strongly to the brand and its products.

A slightly three-dimensional effect adds a modern edge to the design that communicates the continued evolution of the brand and its desire to respond to the challenges of the ever-changing industry. This way the new logo seamlessly connects the brand's traditions and origins to the present day.

The new Pouttu logo is genuinely tasty.