Packaging design crystallises the essence of the brand and communicates sustainability

– An associate well-acquainted with our brand helped us create packaging where the essence of our brand is preserved without compromise. The core arguments, cleanliness and wellbeing, are well represented in out new product range.

Sanni Väinölä, Brand Manager, Berner Oy

The design for the new LV Oat wellness range by Berner was created by means of holistic packaging design. The visuals were designed in step with Packdesign ID’s packaging mapping service, which helps to consider different packaging solutions with an open mind and without restricting oneself to any particular material. The packaging mapping service is perfect for finding solutions that align with the brand’s core arguments and the business’s sustainability goals.

For LV that core is “Less is just right” – products that contain no extra ingredients such as colourants or perfume, which means they are gentler on skin as well as the environment. This was the guiding principle for the packaging as well, and is clearly seen in how a stand-up pouch is used as a ready-to-use package, as opposed to just as a refill, for the first time ever in Finnish pharmacies.

Read more about the project in our press release!

Client: Berner Oy

pakkaussuunnittelu LV Oat

– The designers at Packdesign ID have extensive experience in designing for the pharmacy environment, and they helped us to consider the effectiveness of packaging communication and design also in this special environment.

Sanni Väinölä, Brand Manager, Berner Oy

 Best eco product

LV Oat product range was chosen the best eco product when the panel of the Finnish Anna-magazine chose the greatest cosmetic products of the year. Congratulations from Packdesign ID!

“LV Oat product range is a welcome addition to pharmacies for people with sensitive skin or odor sensitivity. The main ingredient of these products manufactured in Heinävesi, Finland, is Finnish oat oil, that is a by-product of food production. (…) Carbon footprint has also been made smaller with pouch packaging.”