Brand visibility to a new level

Packdesign ID helped Sanoma Pro to strengthen the Oppi&Ilo brand by packaging design. According to the client’s wishes, a new visual framework was designed for the educational and entertaining Oppi&Ilo products: the concept added both informativeness as well as attractiveness of the packaging and makes it stand out from the shelf in stores.

A new, distinctive logo was made for Oppi&ilo range to bring different products together into a united range. In addition, the communication of the various products and packaging was improved by creating a visual system with which relevant key information can always be found in the same spot throughout the range, to help find just the right fit of products for each customer.

Client: Sanoma Pro Finland 

– Working together with Packdesign ID was pleasant and effortless. They understood our needs completely and really took care to get to the bottom of our brand. The redesign brought our products unified, distinct brand visuals, and the new elements make purchasing easier for the consumer.

Lotta Jansén
Publishing Manager, Oppi & Ilo