Innovation and Design Agency – a team of experts in the field of Holistic Packaging Design

Packdesign ID is a creative packaging design agency and consultancy founded by Maija Olkkonen-Seppo and Emma Kosonen.

We specialise in visual identities and brand developing, business supporting strategic packaging design and development with over 20 years of experience. Our business is the forerunner in holistic packaging design in Finland.

Successful brands and packaging that sells

We have been working with several successful brands and products with our clients and seen in practise how packaging design can considerably support – even create the success. Packaging design can differentiate the product, even bring completely unique competitive edge, and be a responsible action all on its own.

Every brand and product is important to us, and we want to help you improve the competitive edge of your product, increase the value of your brand and boost sales. We believe that the most distinctive and memorable brand and product experience is created through holistic packaging design, where a strong visual concept, sustainable design and user oriented thinking combine seamlessly into shape, material, structure and practical efficiency and functionality in the whole packaging chain.

Pakkaussuunnittelu pakkaussuunnittelutoimistosta

Holistic expertise from a packaging design agency

Packaging is one of the brand’s critical success factors and we think the best solutions are born when all design expertise can be found under the same roof. This way the end result matches the goals and efficiency is achieved in costs and schedules as well.

Our holistic approach means creating a perfect balance between brand identity, sustainable design, business and technical elements. Our service offers all areas of design – whether its visual brand identity, building product visuals, design and packaging development, material design and studies that support all aforementioned – or a combination of all of these.

As a holistic packaging design agency we will always help you find the best solution and to direct your resources where they are most efficiently used and best support your strategic and business goals.

Award-winning packaging design

Our strengths are creative open-mindedness and insightful innovativeness that together with strong practical experience and technical knowhow, extensive contact network and understanding of the packaging field have made it possible to develop packaging awarded best in the world, together with our clients.

Our internationally award-winning design work focuses heavily on consumer oriented thinking, designing user-oriented usability and functionality, and creating memorable brand experiences that create value.

Extensive experience and fresh insight

We will help you crystallise your brand message and offer you our vision on how to make packaging a considerable asset to your brand and product. We take into account the wishes of both your clients and consumers, the special traits of your product category as well as the constantly developing international knowhow and trends, and make packaging an efficient medium for your brand.

As the forerunner in holistic packaging design we offer you over 20 years of experience in the field of visual brand and packaging design in several different product categories, in both domestic and international projects.

As a packaging design agency we offer you our expertise on all levels of packaging and help you package better.

Want to work in a brand and packaging design agency?

We are always interested in new professionals! Are you a first class designer or do you otherwise feel brand and packaging design to be your field? Or are you looking for a trainee position in a packaging design agency, where you get to develop your expertise and versatility? Send an open application to office[at]!