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Brand design & holistic packaging design

We offer all areas of brand design and packaging design as well as the latest international knowhow and trends. With holistic packaging design, we will help you build your packaging into a significant asset for your brand and product.

We will help your brand succeed. Over the years we have seen how even one remarkable packaging action can quickly and significantly change how a brand is perceived. Our experienced brand and packaging specialists and our packaging designers know the possibilities offered by packaging and will help you in the area that supports the success of your product and brand the best.

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Brand and product visuals, graphic design

We design distinctive and attractive visual concepts for brands and products as well as packaging that makes your product stand out in the store shelf. We will make sure your packaging communicates efficiently and supports your brand development. B2C or B2B – we will help you differentiate and raise the value of your brand through design.

Especially with food products packaging is almost always the single most important medium for the product, and thus the most critical. In this product category the brand is met through packaging more often than through all other media combined. We will help you plan and crystallise your packaging communication and with our help you can be certain that this important medium works efficiently.

Vision, knowledge and research

We bring strong vision of the competitive factors of packaging in different product categories and channels to every single project, and also challenge the conventions in those product categories. We will always familiarise ourselves with the competitive environment for your product, and deepen our understanding of clients and consumers through eg. interviews and market research.

On top of the Visual In-Store AnalysisTM we’ve developed, we use an extensive array of different research methods from traditional qualitative surveys to modern eye tracking, social media eg. methods, with which we acquire information on the views, expectations and hopes of clients and consumers alike. This pushes our concept design in the right direction.

Our projects are carried out in close co-operation with you and your associates as well as other actors in the packaging chain, and we utilize different workshop and co-creation methods as needed to achieve the best possible results.

Marketing, copywriting

Efficient marketing is built smoothly through packaging and brand visuals. When you want things to be as efficient and easy as possible, we will design all visual communication and marketing materials you need to support your packaging and product. This way you ensure all your brand communication and marketing is clear, unified and efficient and you never have to compromise on the visual quality of your brand.

We will help you crystallise all your packaging communication and in putting together the critically important communication hierarchy. We also produce marketing texts for brand communication and product packaging.

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Packaging mapping service

Our independent packaging mapping service gathers together the services of different packaging manufacturers, newest packaging innovations and responsible solutions as well as contacts to shipping and contract packers, domestic and abroad. The service helps in finding packaging solutions that combine brand communication goals with practical functionality and newest material options.

This service is a part of our holistic packaging design service and helps brands and businesses to approach packaging solutions with fresh eyes, open mind and without prejudice. The service can support the business’s own packaging development knowhow and innovation, as was done at Berner, but it can also be utilised by companies who do not have their own personnel dedicated to packaging just yet.

Get in touch and lets see how we can help you and your brand!

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Sustainable packaging solutions and material design

We are constantly searching new packaging options and offer you the most recent information on the latest international trends and new materials in the field. Currently we are mapping out packaging solutions that burden the environment as little as possible, and take packaging specific ecological viewpoints into consideration in all of our design projects.

Material decisions in packaging communicate brand values to clients and consumers. If sustainable solutions are truly important to a brand, packaging will communicate that in a very concrete manner. Packaging materials allow for truly responsible choices that really make a difference.

Our holistic design combines visual brand and product concept design with packaging and material design. Thus all aspects of design support achieving the brand’s goals in the best possible way. Ecological material solutions will go hand in hand with your product and brand when the project is completed with holistic understanding and expertise.

We are your material independent partner when you want an openminded view of different packaging solutions and to achieve the best possible result. Get in touch and lets see how we can help you and your brand!

Standard packaging and manufacturer contacts

When developing your own packaging solution does not make sense, a cost efficient option is to find the solution among standard packaging. Through us you will find extensive contacts to packaging manufacturers both domestic and abroad, as well as information on the latest possibilities in the field, most recent trends and sustainable options. With our wide international network of contacts we can offer you a route to more efficient packaging procurement – with our help you can almost always find options, no matter what your product is.

Design, development and structural design

We design packaging and develop packaging with different materials together with the professionals in the field. We are your material independent partner, when you want an open-minded view of different packaging solutions. Our design is internationally acclaimed and we are operating at the top of Scandinavian packaging design. When you want to stand out in your market or your product demands specific kind of packaging functionality for example, we will create a packaging solution tailored to you.

In our packaging design projects we focus on usability and creating a memorable brand experience that creates value. Your own, tailored packaging means you can introduce products to the market and they stand out from their competitors efficiently with a packaging solution that is, at its best, completely unique.

We take into account the functionality and efficiency of the packaging in the entire manufacturing and packaging chain, in stores as well as with the end user. This creates packaging that both makes consumer’s day to day life easier as well as saves in costs and materials.

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Packaging concepts of the future

We are constantly on the pulse of what is happening in the packaging world and follow the development of technology in the field. We follow the development of different product categories as well as general megatrends – this is something we have done consistently for several years, and the information gathered is used in developing packaging concepts of the future. With these concepts we cast our sights years from now in the future and envision the future of packaging in different product categories. Our service combines consumer oriented usability design, material design and visual design, enabling completely unique competitive edge.

Artwork production

We handle packaging artwork production efficiently and with years of experience. We know the different printing methods used with packaging and are well acquainted with the special demands of different packaging types through practical experience. In seamless collaboration with our packaging designers and different prepress houses and printing houses we make sure that even the most particular design concepts are realised successfully, the end result is always high quality and as expected, and let neither costs nor schedules run away from us. We also travel on site to oversee the first print run as needed.