Packaging design boosts sales

– The label- and bottle redesign for the flavoured mayonnaises was a great success. We managed to create great growth in our sales with packaging design, and that growth continues still. The bottle is a handy top-down, the label clear and understandable, and the shelf presence is outstanding.

Paula Pöntynen, Marketing Manager, Orkla Suomi

Felix flavoured mayonnaises were about to get a new kind of packaging format, and it was a good time to reassess the product and packaging design and renew it so that it would make the brand and products stand out better in stores. Packdesign ID created a packaging design concept that is clear and strong, communicates quality and delicious flavour, and is easy for the consumer to find in the challenging shelf environment where different types of mayo are often hard to tell apart from one another.

Client: Orkla Foods Finland

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