Atria jauhelihapakkauksen pakkaussuunnittelu

Yet another “Oscar of packaging” for a package by Atria and Packdesign ID

“Atria Easy Open Vacuum Pack”, a package designed by Packdesign ID was once again one of the best packages in the world when it received the WORLDSTAR 2018 award. The same package was rewarded earlier as by far the best Nordic package in the Scanstar 2017 competition, and was also granted a one of a kind “First Choice” honorary mention by the judges. The package was also successful in Finnish K-Ruoka Awards, where it was chosen the most responsible action of 2017.

The jury of the Scanstar Awards, consisting of professionals in the field of packaging, recognized that “Atria Easy Open Vacuum Pack” saves material and space in all phases of it’s life cycle. The jury concluded that “the vacuum plastic solution represents something totally new in the industry. It is simple, elegant and well working.