pakkaussuunnittelu XZ natura berner

XZ Natura – new packaging design

XZ is a responsible Finnish brand that constantly renews itself. Their wide range consists of over 40 different hair care and styling products. As XZ Natura series expanded with new Cosmos Natural certified products, we designed the visuals, and renewed the packaging design and visual communication hierarchy for the whole XZ Natura range together with the client.

Client: Berner Oy

pakkausdesign xz natura berner oy

Packaging design that speaks to you

The communication hierarchy is carefully constructed and makes central arguments stand out clearly and in a way that interests focus groups, helping them choose and purchase the correct product. All the products in the range are vegan and biodegradable.

This packaging stands out from its competitors with its design that is original, high quality, and attractive to the focus group.

Scandinavian packaging design

XZ Natura product range is inspired by the unique Finnish nature, which can clearly be seen in the stylised illustrations, simple and clean in the spirit of scandinavian design. Stylish packaging also delights at home, when it is beautiful enough to be left out for everyone to see.

xz natura packagingdesign