pakkaussuunnittelu tummeli brändille

Packaging design for an iconic brand

– As a part of renewing the Tummeli brand we wanted to renew and strengthen the brand communication on the packaging as well. Packdesign ID helped us bring out the core messages of the brand with the packaging design. In the new design the strengths and recognizability of the brand have been preserved while making it more relevant for new and younger target groups.

Päivi Räty-Tarkkanen, Category Manager, Berner Oy

pakkausdesign ja uusi brändilogo ikoniselle tummeli brändille

The strong roots of the Tummeli brand lead to cowsheds in the 60’s, where Tummeli lotion was used for cows’ udders. Many Finns have fond memories of relating to the brand from childhood summers spent on the countryside. Since then Tummeli has been developed into a skin care series especially for dry skin.

Now it was time to take the next step in Tummeli’s story – the brand’s core message had been honed, the product range was undergoing a renewal and a repositioning was in order. Packdesign ID created a new brand and packaging design that respects the roots and strengths of the brand with a slightly retro, yet modern look, that’s bold and strong and stands out clearly from the shelf.

Client: Berner Oy

tummeli pakkaus suunnittelu
pakkausdesign uudelle tummeli pet sarjalle

Tummeli Pet – a new product range for pets

The new Tummeli range for pets was clearly distinguished from the main range with its own distinctive colour, and the communication was strengthened with illustration fitting the subject.

– We have gotten a lot of positive feedback of the brand and packaging design from our clients, especially for the clarity of communication. PET range is considered professional and even a bit akin to a pharmacy range. Apparently there are plenty of more silly ranges in this market. We are very satisfied with the visuals and packaging design.

Päivi Räty-Tarkkanen, Category Manager, Berner Oy