Woodex Classic 1L, Woodex Aqua Classic 1L ja Woodex Aqua Wood Oil 1L

Teknos packaging design

– The new packaging design is a success. This project has been a model example on how concept and packaging design are taken from start to finish in a professional and goal-oriented manner: from market research to testing design concepts and, finally, a great end result.

Ulla Kotila, Global Marketing Manager, Teknos Group

Woodex 1L pakkauksia

Teknos honed their brand promise with the intention to stand out better from their competitors and to have a clear strategy for brand visuals and communication both. It was key for the product packaging to also reflect the new brand promise and to communicate high quality, Finnish products. We designed a new overall visual framework for all Teknos packaging that differentiates it clearly from its competitors and serves both their clients as well as the end-user well by being clear and highly communicative.

Client: Teknos

Woodex-logo ja W-tunnus
Teknos Woodex -tuotesarjaa

– The in-store presence for Woodex brand has strengthened considerably. The packaging design communicates high quality and reflects the product promise clearly and simply. The new brand and packaging visuals have created opportunities for success for Woodex both in the Finnish market as well as abroad.

Ulla Kotila, Global Marketing Manager, Teknos Group

Teknos piktogrammit ja erityisominaisuusmerkit